Oscar Aguilar (Unsplash)
Regendruppels in New York Time Square Amsterdam Weerproof

Internationaal onderzoek naar extreme regenval

Omgaan met hevige regen is een wereldwijd fenomeen. Op deze pagina staan alle Engelstalige onderzoeken.

Coping with heavy rain is a global phenomenon. This page contains the research written in English.

Urban flood resilience: Governing conflicting urbanism and climate action in Amsterdam
Research on cloudbursts | Sarah E. Sharma | August 2022 | University of Toronto

Understanding the institutional work of boundary objects in climate-proofing cities: The case of Amsterdam Rainproof
Amsterdam Rainproof as a boundary object in climate governance | July 2022 | University of Amsterdam & Erasmus University Rotterdam

How boundary objects facilitate local climate adaptation networks: the cases of Amsterdam Rainproof and Water Sensitive Rotterdam
Case study of Amsterdam and Rotterdam | January 2022 | Erasmus University Rotterdam & University of Amsterdam

Understanding the role of the water sector in urban liveability and greening interventions
Case studies on Barcelona, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Melbourne | april 2018 | Centre for Urban Research (CUR) Casey Furlong, Caroline Uittenbroek, Natalie Gulsrud, Montserrat Termes-Rife, Jago Dodson, Rob Skinner

Rainproof cities in the Netherlands: approaches in Dutch water governance to climate-adaptive urban planning
Case study on Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht | september 2017 | Hubei University of Economics, Wuhan, China & Utrecht University

How public participation methods help overcome social barriers in the case of Amsterdam Rainproof.
Bachelor thesis (with case study of Amsterdam Rainproof)| Heleen van Grieken | June 2023 | University of Groningen