Fietser houdt benen omhoog en rijdt door plas Amsterdam Weerproof

About Weerproof

It’s raining harder and harder, and our city can’t handle it. Together, we can catch those raindrops and make Amsterdam Rainproof.

Amsterdam Weerproof

Amsterdam Weerproof: that’s you, us and all the people of Amsterdam working together. We share a common goal: to help Amsterdam handle the increasingly frequent downpours. Even better, we want to make better use of the free rainwater that currently flows directly into the drains. The extreme rainstorms cause damage, primarily because the city is increasingly paved with buildings, asphalt and paved gardens – no raindrops can seep through!

Introducing Weerproof initiatives together that make a difference

If you add improvements to your house or garden, make them Rainproof. If you’d like to make an even bigger difference, work with others on joint initiatives. Rainproof wants to link citizens, entrepreneurs, knowledge workers and public servants in ongoing projects and new initiatives. When we work together, we can transform Amsterdam into a city that uses smart solutions to make the best of heavy rainfall. If you have an idea, story or other contribution for Rainproofing your city, let us know! We’d be happy to link you to other Rainproof locals.

Together, we are Amsterdam Rainproof!

The Animation

Watch the animation to learn about our story.

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The Rainproof Magazine

Download the English magazine for further information on our network approach for making Amsterdam resilient to cloudburst events.

Rainproof Magazine English

Communication material in English

Find the overview of our English communication material here.


The international research about Amsterdam Rainproof is collected on this page.