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The Rainproof Magazine

The magazine tells everything about Rainproof. How it started, what we do and who we work with.

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The Rainproof Brochure

It’s raining harder and harder, and our city can’t handle it. Together we can catch those raindrops. Every drop counts.

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The Animation

This animation tells the story of Rainproof.  Together we can make the city rainproof. Watch the animation:

Video van Animation Amsterdam Rainproof

Made by ©RoboMG

Interview: rainproof network approach

Jack Mullaly interviews Lot Locher about;

  • Encouraging citizens to make their private property rainproof;
  • Making the public space rainproof;
  • Collaboration between (public and private) stakeholders.
Video van Ideanthro Ep 178 – Making Amsterdam rainproof


The international research about Amsterdam Rainproof is collected on this page.